Yearly header


Yearly automatically imports anniversaries, birthdays and other dates from your Address Book (Contacts app) and shows them in an elegant overview. If Yearly doesn't show any dates and you need help on how to add birthdays to your contacts, we wrote a little how-to for you.


Get notifications for your events. Additionally you can choose to be notified a few days before (in order to have enough time to buy a present).

Birthdays and more

Yearly shows all dates from your address book, no matter if it's a birthday or an anniversary.


The detail view shows all information about the person and the event:sign of the zodiac, all contact options and a beautiful picture.

Delightful user interface

Perfect for your iPhone's retina display.

Gestures support

Swipe to show buttons for various contact options and swipe right in every detail view to go back to the navigation.