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Gain insights about your calendar. Look back at your past weeks or plan ahead. With its perfectly adaptable interface Timeview is your iOS calendar companion.

Endless Statistics

Make statistics for things like "all my calendar events from work containing the word 'meeting'" or "all my private events with an alarm set". With Timeview the possibilities are almost endless.


Every statistic about your calendar is a card. You can add as many as you wish and customise them to your needs.


A card takes its data from one or multiple calendars and can apply a set of rules (defined by you). Thanks to this system you can track almost everything you can imagine.


The user interface was built with our big devices in mind. All important buttons are placed on the bottom and can be reached with one hand. Also: buttons finally look like buttons again.


One app for your iPhone and your iPad. While on smaller devices the cards are presented in a list, on your iPad you'll be greeted with a beautiful grid.

Free to try

Timeview is free forever with up to two cards. With a one time purchase you can add as many cards as you want and also unlock some alternative icons. No subscription or hidden fees.